VIDEO: The Icelandic Game Of Thrones Experience (No Thenns Allowed!)

Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Art Bicnick

In preparation for the last season of Game Of Thrones, the Grapevine took a trip with Gray Line Iceland to a number of sets from the show, including the Bloody Gate of the Vale, the Northern village where Olly’s (RIP) came from, that place where you get to meet the Thenns and hear Tormund say, “Thenns, I hate Thenns,” and lastly, where Drogon roasts a sheep in Meereen. Yes, that’s right, part of Meereen, which is a Mediterranean-esque desert, was shot in Iceland.

Our guide, Theo, was actually an extra on the show. For many seasons, he moonlighted as a wildling and also a Northerner. What a controversial combination, right? For the whole day, he regaled us with tales of filming, inside facts from the show, as well as more corny jokes that one could take. In front of Olly’s house, we were also privy to an entertaining and educational stage combat lesson. Most left the tour confident that they could definitely pretend to punch someone were they in the position to. Thanks Theo!

Even though it was snowy and windy, and the locations we were visiting had all been shot at in the summer, it was still a surreal experience to stand where the Gate to the Vale was, or look at where a dragon had eaten a goat. Though many didn’t act upon it, the desire to betray people at weddings, set important buildings ablaze, and pray to the Red God was very high, and perhaps it was a blessing that the tour was only one day, as someone was bound to declare themselves King very soon.

During the tour, the Grapevine also got a chance to get Theo’s expert opinion on many of the most pressing Game Of Thrones questions in a video that you can watch above. Who is Azor Ahai? Will Jamie and Brienne—or Brienne and Tormund—ever declare their love? Who will end up on the Iron Throne? Where is Hot Pie? Find out above!

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