Town Guide: Fish, Local Food & Coastal Nature In Suðureyri

Town Guide: Fish, Local Food & Coastal Nature In Suðureyri

Christine Engel Snitkjær
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Art Bicnick

A small town in the northern Westfjords, Suðureyri prides itself on its flourishing fishing industry, as well as its sustainable ways of handling fish. With a tunnel road leading from nearby Ísafjörður and Flateyri, the town is easier to reach than ever. The local inhabitants number 290, with a little over 70 making up the younger population—a relatively large demographic for a small, Icelandic town. While Suðureyri does not offer an array of activities, the town provides everything you need, from a small grocery store to an outdoor swimming pool. In any case, perhaps the charm of this remote location is precisely the fact that the beautiful nature of the Westfjords is at the forefront here.

Stay: Fisherman Hótel
With a Fisherman Hótel, a Fisherman restaurant, and Fisherman guided tours, it is safe to say that the Fisherman brand has a strong hold on this small town. The Fisherman Hótel offers up a cosy reception area where you can enjoy complimentary tea or coffee and peruse Fisherman seafood products, which include sauces, Omega 3 fish oil, and fresh fish meals. The hotel rooms are spacious and true to the clean and minimal Scandinavian style.

Eat: Fisherman Kitchen
Just across from the hotel, you’ll find the Fisherman Kitchen where the menu offers dishes made from local ingredients. The kitchen specialises in fish caught by the town’s fishermen, but you can also opt for lamb or plant-based dishes sourced from nearby farms. It’s delicious, but expensive.

Tour: Fisherman Seafood Trail
If you’d like to know more about Suðureyri’s fishing industry, and the surrounding culture, you can go on an hour-long tour of the city with an experienced guide. The tour takes you through the harbour of the city, shows you the facilities where the fish is handled, and lets you taste the results in homemade dishes prepared right before your eyes. You also learn how Íslandssaga, the factory that catches and processes the fish, keeps its fishing practices sustainable.

Swim: Suðureyri Swimming Pool
This outdoor swimming pool is the hot spot in town for locals and visitors looking for a refreshing dive on a summer day, or to warm up in the winter. It’s is one of the most popular pools in the area, and one of the only outdoor pools, so it can get crowded. The pool also offers hot tubs and a sauna.

Store: Nýlenduvöruverzlun Súgandafjarðar
It might not look big from the outside, but the local store contains a wealth of products. The only store in town, this intimate space stocks basic necessities, such as dairy products, cereals, soft drinks, gourmet products, and canned foods.

Hike: Vatnadalur Valley
Outside the town lies a 45-minute hiking trail that takes you along the coastline, through the Vatnadalur Valley, and to a beautiful lake. On the way, you’ll also get to see an old turf house and an accompanying drying rack for fish heads. If you feel more adventurous, you can extend the hike to a day trip by continuing the trail to the next town, Flateyri.

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