ROAD TRIP: Reading The Grapevine All Over Iceland

ROAD TRIP: Reading The Grapevine All Over Iceland

Whilst the Reykjavík Grapevine is mostly written — and printed — in Reykjavík, you know, it’s actually kind of about the whole of Iceland. People pick it up in gas stations, cafés, swimming pools, hotels, restaurants in some of the most far-flung towns and remote villages in the country, and as such we strive to cover all aspects of Icelandic life, from exhibitions in Akureyri to the creative rejuvenation of former fishing villages from east and west, to road trips around the southern ring road and the ins and outs of fishing culture and small town life.

So when videographer Timothée Lambrecq and his girlfriend drove Iceland’s ring road this summer, they stopped off regularly to shoot some footage, document the countryside, see some sights, have a break, and chill for a bit. They chose twelve very different — but equally interesting — locations.

Check it out the results below.

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