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Snorri Þór Tryggvason

Boy, feels like it was only yesterday that we were running down the street in a screaming panic, all excited to witness a total solar eclipse. Remember that solar eclipse? It was great! Aren’t you glad you didn’t sleep in? We sure are—and some of our friends are too. To celebrate the one-day anniversary of #totaleclipse2015, we got them to share their memories of the event for your reading and looking-at pleasures.

Number four will haunt you.

Snorri Þór Tryggvason, Icelandaurorafilms.com, Top of Skólavörðuholt

Watching the eclipse was a surreal and exciting experience. The strangest thing was how sharply the temperature dropped as the moon crept in front of the sun, as the light became eerie. The entire process took more than an hour.

Snorri is known for his stunning time-lapse Aurora Borealis videos, and he actually shot a rather cool time-lapse of the eclipse, too, as the heading picture betrays. Who knows, he might let us see the whole thing sooner than later?!?

Harpa Eclipse EVE Fanfest Jón Benediktsson

Jón Benediktsson, Grapevine internet person, Harpa

The EVE Fanfest is going on at Harpa. When I asked one of the organizers how lucky he felt that this amazing eclipse was happening at the exact time as the Fanfest, he replied that they decided on this weekend in 2010 precisely due to the eclipse’s timing. Of course they knew.

The diverse Fanfest crowd seemed to enjoy it; we even had a few shouts during the peak. Sæbraut was packed with tourists as well. It was probably the only place in Reykjavík with no shortage of protective glasses, probably because the Fanfest organizers had been planning this since 2010. Shortly after the peak everyone went back inside Harpa, and I made my way back to the Grapevine’s offices. On my way there I met a homeless couple and asked if they wanted to check it out with my protective glasses. The elderly man replied: “Well, I’m planning on living at least ten more years so I’ll just catch it then!”

So I guess I’m the only one who doesn’t have a 5-10 year plan…

Solar Eclipse Ceremony by York Underwood

York Underwood, Grapevine intern, A Viking temple

I’m not a morning person by trade, but searching for a Viking temple at 8:30 AM made me feel like was dreaming. The air was wet and cold. I followed the path along the ocean. The people ahead of me seem to slowly progress back in time–changing in attire until 20 meters ahead of me stood a large man in full Viking attire. If I could capture that moment in time, it would have looked like an evolution of Icelandic fashion display at a museum.

Eclipe at Harpa by Adam Rosser

Adam Rosser, BBC Radio Journalist, Harpa, second floor

I watched the eclipse framed by the wonderful geometries of the Harpa. In the clear air above Reykjavík the light had a shimmering, watercolour quality. Much different and much better than the last time I saw one when London’s chemical haze turned the world hydrocarbon orange.

John Rogers, Eclipse at Blue Lagoon

John Rogers, Grapevine Journalist, The Blue Lagoon

I was floating around in the Blue Lagoon. There was an excited and buzzy crowd of freshly landed holidaymakers. I swam out into the middle part to be alone and just float around and watch the eclipse happen. There was a beautiful moment when the crescent sun appeared suddenly through the steam like a scratch on the sky.

When I came out, it seemed ironic that these glasses, which had been going for 10,000 ISK online a few hours earlier, had become probably the least-wanted item in Iceland.

Eclipse pic by Anders Terp

Anders Terp, Landscape Architect, Nauthólsvík

The solar eclipse was beautiful at Nauthólsvík – the water and sand reflecting the muted light.

Lommi by Lommi

Jón Örn Loðmfjörð, Lommi, 

The solar eclipse was hyped a lot by the media, so I decided to try to watch it while enjoying my morning coffee. It still amazes me that you can get good coffee beans in this shitty island, far away from everything. The solar eclipse was probably okay but then I haven’t seen that many so how should I know?

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