The Blue Lagoon Is Opening Early For The Eclipse

The Blue Lagoon Is Opening Early For The Eclipse

If you’re thinking about where to watch the eclipse from this coming Friday, then, my friend, we at Grapevine totally have your back.

In addition to the five spots in Reykjavík that we suggested yesterday, it turns out the Blue Lagoon is opening early to mark the occasion.

Iceland is one of the best spots in the world to observe this supermoon eclipse – the most spectacular for 60 years, with obscuration expected to reach 97.5% (only the Faroe Islands and Svalbard will get the full 100%). So the idea of watching the eclipse immersed in natural, hot, milky water pumped from deep in the earth seems tempting indeed.

All of this, of course, relies on clear skies. Weather reports aren’t looking as good as one might hope, but with two hour window from 08:38-10:39, there’s a chance that any cloud cover might break and offer a glimpse of the spectacle.

And even if the clouds do ruin it, sitting in the warmth of the Blue Lagoon is certain to ease any disappointment. Book your tickets, which include an in-demand pair of special eclipse sunglasses (“subject to availability”), here.

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