God Crying Gold Tears From Heaven Alert: Aurora Borealis Photos 4 U

God Crying Gold Tears From Heaven Alert: Aurora Borealis Photos 4 U

Saturday night, the sky got kind of amazing

Haukur S. Magnússon
Photo by
Art Bicnick

Saturday night, the sky got kind of amazing

If you are Facebook friends with an Icelander, or someone who’s currently in Iceland, you will have been barraged by Northern Lights related posts, photos and exclamations since last night. Your like-finger is probably getting tired. It’s no wonder: last night, the elements decided to stage quite the spectacle for people who are in Iceland and also have a functioning set of eyes, probably in an attempt to make up for all this endless winter we’re barely enduring.

It was crazy, just look at the photos.

Our photographer friend Art was out and about when it all started happening, and guess what: he was kind enough to document the event visually with the aid of his trusty digital camera. We asked him how it made him feel. He said:

How did it make me feel? I felt like I was being bombed by a billion high-energy protons – stunned. Also, cold and happy.

Here are his photos from last night:

And here is a poem about Aurora Borealis:

Inspired By Iceland And By Aurora Borealis
Aurora Borealis, Northern Lights
U are so amazing.
Thank U for lighting up the sky
And making it all green and sparkly (and sometimes purple and sparkly)
Please glimmer on, for all eternity
And would it kill you to go by some sort of schedule and not be so unpredictable always?
I have just invested in a bus
My own hard earned money
And I will recoup my investment, and more,
By driving around tourists and showing you to them
Look me up, I have a Facebook For Business page that you can “like”
Golden Elfin Aurora Majestic Pristine Tours™
I am also on Twitter

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