From Iceland — Life In Pictures: Football In The Faroes

Life In Pictures: Football In The Faroes

Life In Pictures: Football In The Faroes

Published October 8, 2018

Photo by
Timothée Lambrecq

This summer, as the World Cup was hitting its peak, we were out on a road trip driving the winding fjords, mountain passes and endless tunnels of the Faroe Islands. The vil- lages were often tiny, even by Icelandic stan- dards, and as we made our way around the archipelago, we were struck by two things. Firstly, that every single village and hamlet, no matter how small, had a football field. And secondly, that they were all empty.

It’s true that we were driving around most- ly during office hours, so perhaps the kids were stuck in the classroom and the adults in work, instead of living out their heroic sporting fantasies. Even so, the empty foot- ball fields of the Faroe Islands—at the peak of World Cup fever—were a striking sight to behold. Lodged into the landscape between jagged cliffs and wide, windswept beaches, they seemed like a powerful testimony to the truly global appeal of the world’s most popular sport.

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