From Iceland — Champagne Club Accuses Police Of Entrapment

Champagne Club Accuses Police Of Entrapment

Published November 18, 2013

A lawyer for VIP Club claims that undercover police offered employees money and cocaine in exchange for sex.
Vilhjálmur H. Vilhjálmsson, a lawyer for the owners of VIP Club, claims that undercover officers engaged in entrapment, yet were unable to convince any employee to engage in prostitution.
“They sent in five [undercover] police officers, who spent about 800,000 ISK in champagne and time with the employees,” he said. “None of them were able to buy sex.”
Vilhjálmur furthermore accused these police of offering both money and cocaine in exchange for sex, but to no avail. This, he said, is a clear case of entrapment, and charges have been filed against the police.
Last Friday, police shut down VIP Club under suspicion of providing prostitution.
One employee at VIP Club allegedly told a reporter for Vísir that they could have “anything they want” for 20,000 ISK. A Grapevine writer, following up the story, would also find this to be the case.
The club owners have categorically denied any wrongdoing, and claim that remarks made against them are tantamount to slander.
Police have not responded to the charges against them at the time of this writing.

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