From Iceland — PHOTOS & REACTIONS: Bonnie Tyler Eclipsing Hearts At Secret Solstice

PHOTOS & REACTIONS: Bonnie Tyler Eclipsing Hearts At Secret Solstice

Published June 22, 2018

PHOTOS & REACTIONS: Bonnie Tyler Eclipsing Hearts At Secret Solstice
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Astrida Valigorsky

Last night, the crowd of Secret Solstice held out for a hero and my oh my did they get one. While the line-up was chock full of heavyweights like Steve Aoki, Jet Black Joe, and Reykjavíkurdætur, it was the Welsh chanteuse Bonnie Tyler that took the audiences heart and well, eclipsed it. Icelandic social media was barraged by Insta-stories and Snapchats soundtracked by off-key chants of “Turn around…”. Normally aloof downtown cool kid teens lost their shit. It was a Solstice kick-off to remember, so we at the Grapevine got the photos and reactions you both need and deserve.

Benjamín Bent Árnason (drummer of Une Misère): “It was intense. It was pouring rain, which made it feel like a blockbuster. Her voice is really gritty and raspy. It’s like she drank a whole Jack Daniels before entering the stage. She could hit all the notes though.”

Þórunn Anna Orradóttir (a notable Solstice regular): “I was pretty disappointed not everyone joined in for ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’ but Bonnie’s dance moves made up for it. I wish I had such good hip moves at 67. Maybe if I practise until perfect.”


Oddný Svava Steinarsdóttir (drag queen Lola Von Heart): “I was front and centre. She was fabulous! Energetic and amazing! I lost my voice and mind singing to every song at the top of my lungs.”


Skaði Þórðardóttir (musician Skaði): “She was good, energetic. The weather was a bit shit but with a legend like her who gives a fuck. I literally did cry when she played ‘Total Eclipse Of The Heart’. But in my defence, I cry easily.”

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