Some Loudness For Your Living Room - MUCK are Börn again

Some Loudness For Your Living Room

Published August 12, 2014

Some Loudness For Your Living Room
Gabríel Benjamin
Photo by
Kría Daníelsdóttir

When life gives you lemons, you have a wicked house party with live performances! Or, wait, is that what you do when your landlord gives you notice because the house is being turned into (another) 101 hotel? That’s at least what occupants Rósa María and Kría did with their living room on this otherwise ordinary Monday evening. For two hours, the post-punk band Börn and hardcore group Muck entertained 30-40 fans, tenants and passers-by that dared venture inside.

Muck FB

MUCK strike a pose before the show

The event was advertised on Facebook on Sunday, leaving me sceptical as to exactly how many would show up. But seeing how it was Muck’s last show for the next few months, and Börn have been what everyone’s been talking about since their Vice interview, word spread fast and the little downtown flat was quickly completely packed.

Börn played from their recently released self-titled LP, which is filled with thoughts on politics, feminism and body image, and the crowd ate it right up. After their relatively short set, fans gathered outside and purchased copies of their vinyl, which cost a meagre 2,000 ISK – a real steal.

When Muck started, the volume was cranked up, and the floor started to visibly shake. As per usual, a mosh pit formed, and before the end of the dynamic show, two people even managed to crowd surf during their final song, “here comes the man.”

Don’t get me wrong, the vocals weren’t calibrated properly, the acoustics weren’t on par with what you get at Harpa, and the living room got incredibly stuffy, but man, it was a real blast. Let’s hope there are more such shows in the near future.

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