From Iceland — When Social Media And Music Collide - The Iceland Airwaves Tweetup!

When Social Media And Music Collide – The Iceland Airwaves Tweetup!

Published October 28, 2012

When Social Media And Music Collide – The Iceland Airwaves Tweetup!

The internet and social media. Pah! If we’re honest, for most people it means chatting to friends you know already, while at the same time deluging them with pictures you’ve seen on 9GAG, LOLcats, and videos of  their babies saying their first words. You know who they are.

But if we look at the term social media, then it’s main purpose is all about bringing together people from all across the world who share ideas and interests. And when it comes to Iceland airwaves, this is no different. In the run up to Iceland Airwaves, we have the rather cool (and fan created), initiative known as the Iceland Airwaves Tweetup. The purpose of the Tweetup is to provide a chance for Icelandophiles and fans of the festival who speak to each other on social media such as Facebook and Twitter to meet up during the festival, make friendships and bond, and just have a good ol’ time in each other’s company.

This year’s Airwaves Tweetup is organised by photographer Nick Miners (@nickminers on twitter). We asked him to give us some words on what the airwaves Tweetup was all about…

“The concept of a Tweetup is not something I can claim personal credit for. It seems to be a good (and safe) way to meet people you know on Twitter (or in this case, Facebook), particularly if you all have something in common, such as a love of Iceland and its music. I’ve arranged Tweetups for the last three times I’ve visited Iceland, and each one has got progressively bigger.”

“The format is not fixed – it’s just a purely social occasion, and each one tends to take on a life of its own. The first one (in 2010) started in Cafe Rósenberg but moved on to Sólon when a live band started playing, making it hard to have a conversation; the second one (at Airwaves last year) started in Austurvöllur and moved on to the Munnharpan cafe in Harpa, and in February we all met in KEX Hostel and moved on to Boston as the night turned to morning.”

“Since going to Airwaves last year I’ve met loads more people connected with the Nordic music scene, so we’ve had a larger initial pool of people to invite along this time. Facebook, for all its faults, remains the best way to get a large group of people together for an event and keep them updated with changes of location, etc. And with the majority of people these days having Facebook on their iPhones or Android phones, it’s easy to keep people up to date on what’s happening even in the hours leading up to the event itself.

“If the last ones are anything to go on, there will be a few awkward silences while people realise that live conversation isn’t quite the same as Facebook commenting or Tweets, but as the beer flows people will realise that they can get along with pretty much anyone.”

As for what he was most looking forward to seeing during his time in Iceland for Airwaves, he simply said, “Just show them this…” OK!


The Iceland Airwaves Tweetup is being held on Tuesday 30th October, 20:00, at KEX Hostel. Check their Facebook page, and the twitter hastag #rvktweetup for more information. 

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