From Iceland — Last Year’s Most Awesome Airwaves Story Contest Winner!

Last Year’s Most Awesome Airwaves Story Contest Winner!

Published October 5, 2012

Last Year’s Most Awesome Airwaves Story Contest Winner!

1st Place!

By Davíð Arnar Baldursson


Hello Grapevine!
I’ve got one Airwaves story for you guys. It is absolutely true, not my imagination.
This happened at last years Iceland Airwaves festival. I was holding hands with a beautiful girl, who I had recently started dating, outside NASA. The rain was pouring down, and we were waiting in line to get inside. But the chaos in the line was so powerful that the girl got pushed ahead of me. I couldn’t get back to her because there was a guy standing in front of me in the line, holding around his guitar bag. To express my frustration, and try to be funny at the same time, I bit the top of his guitar bag. But then suddenly the “guitar bag” turns around, and I realize that this wasn’t his guitar bag – that was his girlfriend! From my (drunken) point of view I saw a guy holding his arms around a guitar bag of some sort, but it actually was his girlfriend wearing a big black cape with a hood! So I had just bit her hood! They just gave me this really weird look and didn’t quite know what the hell they were supposed to say or do. And of course the girl I was dating just stood there completely stunned of my actions. She then got inside Nasa, while I had to stand in line for another 10 minutes, with the guy and his “guitar bag” right next to me. I haven’t seen this couple ever since that evening, but I’d like to take advantage of this opportunity and apologize to them. Stupid things like these can happen at Airwaves, especially after a few beers.

It can be noted for fun that me and the girl in the line (not the guitar bag-girl though) are still dating, and just moved in together. Things are going really well for us, and I want to believe that Iceland Airwaves plays a part in that.

Yours sincerely,

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