From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Iceland's New Lo-Fi Indie Wave, Dadykewl, Seint, Teitur & More

Grapevine Playlist: Iceland’s New Lo-Fi Indie Wave, Dadykewl, Seint, Teitur & More

Published May 30, 2018

Grapevine Playlist: Iceland’s New Lo-Fi Indie Wave, Dadykewl, Seint, Teitur & More

Grapevine Playlist

Teitur Magnusson – Hverra Manna?
Probably the most chill musician in Iceland, Teitur Magnússon is back with a new single. It’s a characteristically sunny and languid pop track with sonorous brass parps, light flute arrangements, and a chorus perfect for humming while you wander through grassy fields and blooming flower beds in the park. An album entitled ‘Orna’ will follow this summer. JR

Seint – Guð
Seint first caught our attention with the self-proclaimed “post-apocalyptic pop music” in May 2017. Their latest offering, “Guð,” is an about turn in theme: it’s blissed-out, dreamy electronic pop with soft, layered textures and an insistent melody. Look out for our interview, and for the new album, ‘The World Is Not Enough,’ soon. JR

Drullumall #1
This eclectic Spotify compilation of various lo-fi indie sounds is the first release from the “post-dreifing” label and collective. It’s a fun listen, with DIY electronic tracks, jangly indie tunes, and a generally effervescent sense of adventure. Look out for the collective’s festival, ‘Hatíðni,’ which will take place in Borgarfjörður this July. JR

Kontinuum – Two Moons
This track is one long, relaxing exhale. There is absolutely no tension—the smooth production and the calm vocals make this track the perfect soundtrack for watching the sunrise after a restless night. This Icelandic take on Katatonia is a graceful, gloomy break from our stressful everyday lives. PW

Omotrack – Hippo Trip
Dat bassline! It’s like a drop of honey slowly melting on your tongue—if honey could make you dance. The poppy chorus explodes into the song and the crowd goes wild, or at least that’s what I imagine they would. A hippo trip, indeed—a hippo that blows everybody’s minds with its hyper-cool dance moves. PW

Reykjavík Arts Festival Playlist
This playlist is just as diverse as the programme of the Reykjavík Arts Festival. Ranging from classical pieces by the likes of Daníel Bjarnason and Jórunn Viðar to the mesmerising, loop-powered folk music of Gaelynn Lea, all the way to Ben Frost’s minimalistic and experimental compositions. Tune in to the art of music. PW

Dadykewl ft. Alvia Islandia – Klakarnir
There’s an awful lot of AutoTuned rap in the Icelandic mainstream right now, but Dadykewl’s latest—a collaboration with Alvia Islandia—manages to make it sound fresh. A minimal backing track slides along at a relaxed pace, and even if you can’t understand the words, you’ll be humming it afterwards. JR

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