From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Alvia, CYBER, Björk, EinarIndra & More

Grapevine Playlist: Alvia, CYBER, Björk, EinarIndra & More

Published September 20, 2017

Grapevine Playlist: Alvia, CYBER, Björk, EinarIndra & More

From the queen of Icelandic music to the latest rap kids exploding out of their bedroom and into the charts, here’s the Grapevine’s playlist of new tracks from the last few weeks.

Alvia ft. CYBER – Cybergum
Do you remember the Sims? Making them fuck each other, or taking them to the pool and watching them drown? Well, come have a nostalgia ride with Alvia and Cyber’s new video for ‘Cybergum,’ in which the girls are remade as Sim characters, complete with all the chaos that entails. The song itself is just as inventive and catchy—this is a collab we want more of.

Björk – The Gate
‘The Gate’ is the first single from Björk’s new album, with the working title ‘Utopia.’ It came out last week accompanied by a dreamlike video by long-time collaborator Andrew Huang. A sombre electronic/orchestral track, it picks up where ‘Vulnicura’ left off, continuing the themes of loss and healing. The LP is due this November. Read more Björk articles here.

Kiasmos – Blurred
Soft-focus techno duo Kiasmos recently announced they’ll be going on hiatus soon, but they’re giving us a new EP by way of a farewell present. The ‘Blurred’ EP, released on Erased Tapes October 6, offers more of the sound that’s made the group an internationally successful live act, mixing muted piano with streamlined synths and beats. Read out interview here.

EinarIndra – I’m Not The One
Elusive down-tempo electronic soul artist EinarIndra has been drip-feeding us with beautiful new tracks all summer. They’ve now been collected together and released by Möller Records as the ‘Unravel’ EP. ‘I’m Not The One’ is one of the four tracks, and it’s a typically simmering, synth-laden song with stuttering rhythms and mournful vocals. Promising stuff. Read out EinarIndra interview here.

JóiPé x KRÓLI – B.O.B.A.
‘B.O.B.A.’ is one of the catchiest songs—Icelandic or not—you’ll hear this year. A total earworm, it’s an energetic ballad about mean girls—not of the Regina George variety, but the type who’ll steal your credit cards, leave your texts as “seen,” and only call you when they need a ride. Get in touch with your inner teen and download it ASAP. Read a walkthrough of the album here.

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