From Iceland — Track by Track: ‘Joey’ by Joey Christ

Track by Track: ‘Joey’ by Joey Christ

Published June 30, 2017

Track by Track: ‘Joey’ by Joey Christ
Hannah Jane Cohen
Photo by
Hörður Sveinsson
Þórsteinn Sigurðsson

Joey Christ burst onto the scene with dream team collab track “Joey Cypher”. The Costco-themed video racked up 150,000+ views, and on July 10 he’ ll release his debut mixtape ‘ Joey’ . To get the T, we sat down with the rap god to chat.

1. Ísland (Prod. Young Nazareth)
“Ísland” is the opening track and mission statement. It’ s a turnt up anthem featuring a sample from “Jóhann” by Súkkat, which I listened to a lot when I was young. Because it’ s the beginning, I wanted to make sure everybody knew my name before getting any further.

2. Túristi Feat. Birnir (Prod. Young Nazareth)
In this laid-back track, Birnir and I get honest, taking a moment to speculate on our lives, all while singing an ode to tourists roaming the streets of Reykjavík, looking for that which they will never have.

3. Hanga Með Mér Feat. Yung Nick (Prod. Young Nazareth)
When this track was made people across the world felt a new force awaken in the Icelandic hip-hop scene. Jóhanna (Yung Nick) and I are letting everybody know that it ain’ t safe anymore. Latch onto your friends and loved ones because if you hang with us, you might go crazy.

4. Floni Skit
This is just a brief phone call, making sure heartthrob and superstar-in-the-making Floni is feeling fine. You gotta make sure he’ s all right from time to time.

5. G-Blettur Feat. Krabba Mane (Prod. Young Nazareth)
Here I am joined by Beige Boy and Geisha Cartel affiliate Krabba Mane who provides the hook and one killer verse for this playful banger. We’ re just joking around, being braggadocious and searching for a fuck to give. Shoutout to Krabba’ s mom!

6. Ísvélin feat. Sturla Ari (Prod. Auður)
The playfulness continues on this track produced by local starboy Auður. I’m talking about going to Hveragerði where a famous novelty park, Eden, burned to the ground a few years ago, and buying a ice cream machine to place on my wrist. Auður showed me this funny beat and I jumped on it, freestyling. My friend Sturla finished it off.

7. Nýjum Bíl Feat. Geisha Cartel & Floni (Prod. Bleache – Co Prod. Young Nazareth)
On “Nýjum Bíl,” we got Bleache on the beat and Geisha Cartel going ham alongside Floni and I. Recorded at the Cartel’ s first visit to 101derland studio, this track marks the first time we all collaborated. The vibe was clear, everyone was on the same wave and it was born in a matter of minutes. Young Naza then added his special spice afterwards.

8. Joey Cypher feat. Herra Hnetusmjör, Birnir & Aron Can (Prod. Young Nazareth)
This was first single and the biggest Icelandic rap song in recent history. Combining prominent figures in the local hip-hop scene, it’ s catchy af. Peep the music video too, it’ ll make you want to go to Costco and spend all your dough.

9. Gella Megamix feat. Völli, Logi Pedro, Birnir, Gum-Gum Clan, 1985! and probably some more people (Prod. Floni)
“Gella” was originally released by video committee 12:00. The song features Gucci Boy Völli and production by Floni, with local scholars Snorri Másson and Ótti appearing in the legendary video. “Gella” was my favourite song of 2016 so I felt I needed to make a remix for the tape.

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