From Iceland — Track by Track: Lady Boy Records - Compilation #18

Track by Track: Lady Boy Records – Compilation #18

Published June 14, 2017

Track by Track: Lady Boy Records – Compilation #18

Featuring a diverse group of artists united only by their, uh, ties to Lady Boy Records, the label’s new cassette compilation is the perfect pick-me-up to end any music slump. We asked each artist to tell us about their contribution.

Lady Boy Records 018 by Lady Boy Records

1. Geimurinn er Allt of Stór
dj. flugvél og geimskip: The universe is too big—all chaos with something here and another thing there. We can’t find anything and are totally lost. The song means “Space is Far Too Big.”

2. Everything Falls Apart
Ultraorthodox: Everything will eventually fall apart, and the results are often chaotic. That’s the song.

3. Ball Game
WayFresh & Gypsy Sailor Jerry: This track took about two months to make. We only worked on it on the weekends around 5am.

4. Svona Dafna Blómin Best
Sindri Vortex: The secret of a beautiful potted plant doesn’t necessarily entail “green fingers.” The secret is knowledge. “This Is How the Flowers Flourish Best”—that’s the title.

5. Lygasjúkur
Pseudologia Fantastica: “Lygasjúkur” is about pathological lying. The song was recorded for a poorly produced online album for my minimal synth project Pseudologia Fantastica.

6. Eleni Goes Boing
Steindór Kristinsson: “Eleni Goes Boing” was composed on Christmas Day 2016 for my girlfriend Eleni. One hour before Christmas dinner, the song had Asian vocal improv sounds, guitars, kids singing, and midi drums. I think I even made it on time for the holy steak.

7. Working on My Microphone
Panos from Komodo: Hip-hop is so popular these days that we jumped on the bandwagon in a desperate attempt to become famous. Did it work?

8. Sonic Haus
Singapore Sling: Sonic Haus is a song about nothing. That’s all I have to say, now piss off.

9. Dýragarður
Skelkur Í Bringu: This song is about the zoo, which is full of the same animals. It’s really disgusting. The name just means “zoo.”

10. Andleg Endastöð
Kuldaboli: This song came into existence at a time where I was mentally drained and felt fucking finished. “Andleg Endastöð” is “Spiritual Termination.”

11. Staðsetning
Andi: “Staðsetning” (“Location/Placement”) is based on an idea I had five years ago that didn’t match anything I was doing. Several versions later, I’m pleased with how it turned out, and happy that it found its place among the other great songs on the compilation.

12. Líkamar
Aska: The poem is some kind of idea of love and the song is a framework for the poem.

13. New Leans
Harry Knuckles: This song was recorded in an Icelandic lighthouse with no internet connection.

14. Tryllta Vestrið
Notorious Wave Slicers: Cowboys ride waves not horses. Surf is king.

15. Rautt Ljós feat. Axon Bronson
Skrattar: This track came out of nowhere. We decided to start something fresh, and laid down everything but vocals. We sampled the drums—you could say the song is 50/50 sampled and recorded by us.

16. Fjölkynngi
Lord Pusswhip: “Fjölkynngi” is one of the first beats I made after moving to Berlin a couple years ago. The sample is from some krautrock vinyl that I can’t even remember, but the song goes hella hard.

17. He is not sad, he just like to be alone
Nicolas Kunysz: I used to be that one kid reading a book at the playground while the others played football. This track is just like that; a simple moment of enjoyable loneliness. No attack, simple loops decaying. Happiness is overrated.

18. Bonus Track: Slave Driver
Russian.girls: It’s a song about modernity and the ironic effects of mass communication tools to isolate people. The narrator is observing people being physically so close, but spiritually and emotionally being separate, unable (or perhaps unwilling) to communicate. The narrator desperately wants to communicate to these people, to get them to recognize what’s around them, including the wisdom of young rebel graffiti artists.

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