From Iceland — Grapevine Playlist: Seint, Par Ðar, Smjörvi, Ham, Emmsjé Gauti & More

Grapevine Playlist: Seint, Par Ðar, Smjörvi, Ham, Emmsjé Gauti & More

Published May 31, 2017

Grapevine Playlist: Seint, Par Ðar, Smjörvi, Ham, Emmsjé Gauti & More
Hannah Jane Cohen
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Art Bicnick

Dreamlike electronica, krútt-hop, chill cloud trap, dirty rock ‘n’ roll and post apocalyptic pop… here’s what’s been catching our attention in the Icelandic Music scene.

Par Ðar – Svarti Fuglinn
“Svarti Fuglinn,” or “Black Birds,” is an interesting mixture of reference points—the music sounds like a low-fi read of 90s Bad Seeds, but the vocals are muted, tuneful, and more like Kings of Convenience. None of which explains the intro, which sounds like Tom Waits speaking in tongues.

Lapalux ft. JFDR – Flickering
English producer Lapalux has just dropped a new collaboration with JFDR: a wonky, downtempo production with a spacious, dreamlike quality, and another great vehicle for Jófríður’s wistful vocals.

Lilli Elli Grill – Skidagrimu Tommi
Imagine old school mixed with trap mixed with a whole lot of moonshine. Voila: You’ve got “Skidagrimu Tommi” by Elli Grill. The title translates to “Ski Mask Tommy” and according to the grapevine (ha!), it’s based off of some legendary hobo the rapper met in Memphis. You probably know Elli Grill from Shades of Reykjavík, but this shows he can stand alone, or, uh, with his bro Tommi.

Smjörvi’s new release translates to “CUTER CUTER” and the song is just that—cute. But we don’t mean that in a condescending way. No, the track is endearing—don’t get us wrong—but it’s also infectious. Go for a long drive in the sun and recall that puppy love first crush. Ah, Colby, you were great.

Huginn – Gefðu mér einn
The lyrics to “Gerðu mér einn” are simple: “I roll a big joint for me and a small joint for her.” So if you’re into that Yes-We-Cannabis vibe, bump this. It’s chill cloud trap that’ll convince you wholeheartedly that—as the lyrics state over and over—Huginn has got the phattest/fattest weed around. So hit me up, Huginn.

Ham – Þú lýgur
Ham is an old school political rock ‘n’ roll outfit whose vocalist and lyricist, Óttar Proppé, recently got a second taste of fame as Iceland’s newly minted Minister of Health. Their new material is the band’s best attempt yet to catch their heavy, Melvins-ish sound on tape.

Emmsjé Gauti – Lyfti mér upp
Rapper Emsjée Gauti has become a pop star on his home soil in recent years. He’s primarily known for his energetic live shows, which feature members of rock band Agent Fresco. His new song s a departure from that nu-metal style, employing a more minimal sound. English speakers might only understand a few words, but “puff, puff” and “motherfucker” give us a clue about the theme.

Seint – Post Pop/The Last Day with Us
Seint claim their new album is the first attempt to make post-apocalyptic pop music. Their aggressive electro sound is fitting if you’re dressed in leather, driving through a town full of cannibals in a Mad Max muscle car. It’s hardly the first post-pop, but the album is intriguing— one to watch if you like your electro music with a dash of radioactive fallout.

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