From Iceland — Pink Street Boys Release New Video, Play Show With Muck Tonight

Pink Street Boys Release New Video, Play Show With Muck Tonight

Published February 12, 2016

Pink Street Boys Release New Video, Play Show With Muck Tonight
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Obnoxious rockers Pink Street Boys have just released a new video that shows what they’re all about: classy joints, bar brawls, and gambling. Watch how drummer Einar turns to petty crime to fund his slots addiction—feel the tension between guitarist/bassist Víðir and singer/tambourinist Alfreð—witness how guitarist/singer Axel is willing to play any show, any where, if only to get another drink.

The song is off of their album ‘Hits #1‘, released last year. It was filmed in Gullöldin Sportbar.

PSB are playing a show tonight at Húrra with hardcore outfit Muck, and punks Skelkur í Bringu. It starts at 22:00, and will probably be the best show of the year. Admission is 1,500 ISK.

Before you go, though, read the feature we did last year on Muck and PSB.

Muck by Hörður SveinssonHardcore Band Muck Is Unrelenting And Uncompromising
Karl takes a bite out of his hot dog and laughs at Indriði for bringing vegetables to a barbeque. Loftur frets over there not being enough sauces and procures a beer from somewhere, while Ási and I work out the correct exchange rate between my hot dogs and his hamburgers. It’s a relaxed autumn afternoon in Hljómskálagarður park, and I’m sitting with the four members of Muck, a hardcore punk band I have ardently followed for the past two years.

Pink Street Boys by Hörður SveinssonPink Street Boys Are Dangerous, Loud, Irreverent
During a break between songs, a friend shouts into my ear, “They are too loud!” I try to respond, but my words are lost to Pink Street Boys’ onslaught of guitars, pedals, unintelligible vocals and loud drums. At a time when cultural export is the name of the game, with local bands cashing in on the world’s interest in the dreamy and cute Icelandic sound, Pink Street Boys are unruly, crass, full of attitude, unapologetic, and as my friend previously mentioned, loud. 

Muck Drummer Vs. Pink Street Boys Drummer by Hörður SveinssonDrummer Vs. Drummer, Muck Vs. Pink Street Boys
When interviewing Muck and Pink Street Boys, we kept thinking, “It would be really interesting to hear the other band’s thoughts on this.” So, rather than engage in lengthy back-and-forths, we invited drummers Ási Þórðarson and Einar Björn Þórarinsson to just hash it out over a pack of beers.

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