From Iceland — Hey, There's A New Vök Track, Did You Hear It? The Video Has Pupils Galore

Hey, There’s A New Vök Track, Did You Hear It? The Video Has Pupils Galore

OK check this out. We got emailed a link to a new Vök track. It’s called If I Was. Stop, look, listen:

That sounds pretty good, right? The singer sometimes sounds like her out of The Knife (this is a good thing), and it has that dark sensual vibe you tend to like when you’re young and still imagine your life has meaning and that there is a value to mystique (or when you feel nostalgic for when you were young and thought those things). It kind of ends out of the blue, too, so much that you sorta hafta play it again. A song you want to listen to twice in a row is rare this day and age. Good work, Vök!

We dropped the band a line and asked a bit about that song, more specifically: what’s it about, how did you make it, will it be featured on an upcoming record and do you have any fun plans for 2015 (unfortunately we forgot to ask who Óli is). This is what they told us:

  • The song can be interpreted in a couple of ways, and I think we’ll leave it up to you to decide!
  • The song was created in two different sessions at our summer cabin out in the countryside. Margrét had created the foundation for it and during these sessions we had fun with different compositions, sounds. etc. And this was the result. Fun fact,this is the first song we composed after Óli joined us full time.
  • This song will be on a new EP, out this coming May.
  • We have many fun things planned for 2015! We will be playing festivals all over Europe and attending some as guests. Looks like a good summer ahead
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