From Iceland — This New Sóley Song Is Just What You Need

This New Sóley Song Is Just What You Need

Published March 1, 2015

OMG so great

This New Sóley Song Is Just What You Need
Haukur S. Magnússon
Photo by
Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir

OMG so great

The wonderful Sóley just unleashed a new song into the ether. It’s called Ævintýr (that word means “fairy tale” (but also “adventure, but she keeps saying “fairy tale” in the song so that’s probably what she means)) and it is so great, you guys. Here, have a listen:

Don’t like streaming things on YouTube for some reason? Alright, here’s the song on SoundCloud:

What a nice song, right? It combines that patented Sóley brand melancholia™ with a lot of nice rhythm work that gets the ol’ feet tapping, a super catchy chorus (“You must face your fairy tale”) to hum along with and a warm vibe that will enhance both long solitary walks down frosty streets and candlelit wine-drinking sessions with your closest friends. It is also very conducive to repeated listening – I’ve had it on repeat for like twenty minutes while writing this post, and I plan on listening to it at least eight more times tonight (a post like this doesn’t really take twenty minutes to write, but finding links and inserting photos and stuff coupled with the obsessive checking of Facebook and the phone that I’ve been conditioned to sure slows you down).

Ævintýr is the lead single off Sóley’s upcoming album, which is called Ask The Deep and will see international release through Morr Music on May 8 (this is rather odd, as Sóley’s music makes for especially good winter listens. They should just release it already, Björk-style).

We’ve heard Ask The Deep a couple of times: it’s great, and you can feel free to look forward to its release. But then, this was to be expected: Sóley has demonstrated time and time again that she is one of the most talented, thoughtful artists to emerge in Iceland of late. And she’s proved it again! Here’s the album cover (the press release doesn’t specify who made it, but we’re guessing it’s Ingibjörg Birgisdóttir):

The cover of Sóley's new album


And here’s the tracklist:

  1. Devil
  2. Ævintýr
  3. One Eyed Lady
  4. Óhljóð
  5. Halloween
  6. Follow Me Down
  7. Breath
  8. Dreamers
  9. I Will Never
  10. Lost ship     

And here’s a translated version of the tracklist that we made you, for fun:

  1. “Djöfull”
  2. “Fairy tale” 
  3. “Eineygð frú”
  4. “Noise”
  5. “Hrekkjavaka”
  6. “Eltu mig niður”
  7. “Andardráttur”
  8. “Draumórafólk”
  9. “Ég mun aldrei”
  10. “Týnt skip”

Here are Sóley’s upcoming shows:

2015-03-07 Adelaide (AU)
Womadelaide Festival
2015-03-08 Adelaide (AU)
Womadelaide Festival
2015-03-09 Hobart / Tasmania (AU)
Ten Days On The Island Festival
2015-03-10 Melbourne (AU)
Brunswick Music Festival
2015-04-23 Kyoto (JP)
(w/ Sin Fang & Miaou)
2015-04-24 Nagoya (JP)
Paradise Cafe
(w/ Sin Fang & Miaou)
2015-04-25 Tokyo (JP)
Shibuya o – nest
(w/ Sin Fang & Miaou)
2015-04-26 Tokyo (JP)
Shibuya o – nest
(w/ Sin Fang & Miaou)
2015-05-14 Brussels (BE)
2015-05-15 London (GB)
ST Giles In The Field
2015-05-16 Brighton (GB)
Great Escape Festival
2015-05-17 Amsterdam (NL)
Paradiso Noord
2015-05-19 Rotterdam (NL)
2015-05-21 Warszawa (PL)
2015-05-22 Katowice (PL)
Kino-Teatr RIALTO
2015-05-23 Poznan (PL)
2015-05-24 Wroclaw (PL)
2015-05-25 Berlin (DE)
2015-05-27 Frankfurt a.M. (DE)
2015-05-28 Cologne (DE)
Gebaeude 9
And here’s a compilation of “cute dogs and adorable babies” in case you’re feeling sad for some reason:

It’s Saturday night! Cheer up!

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