From Iceland — Picks For Sónar 2015: Young ‘N’ Fresh Edition

Picks For Sónar 2015: Young ‘N’ Fresh Edition

Published February 12, 2015

Picks For Sónar 2015: Young ‘N’ Fresh Edition
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Karólína Thorarensen

Logi Pedro, he of Retro Stefson, Young Karin and Pedro Pilatus fame, is neither jaded nor an old fart. He is young and fresh and properly excited for all the wonders of the world! Here are his picks for Sónar Reykjavík 2015!

Logi fucks with Skrillex

It’s been a year since I realised that I’m a big fan of Skrillex. The songs he provided for the ‘Spring Breakers’ soundtrack really just made perfect sense.  Magical and disgusting, yet beautiful, is how I would describe his sound. His music is so extremely over the top that purists shriek in agony and pain when subjected to it. It is extremely challenging, but still so extremely popular. Like his song “Scary Monsters And Nice Sprites,” which uses extreme opposites that make perfect sense joined together.

I fucks with Skrillex. Have you seen his apartment? Have you seen the tours he’s doing? He made it.

I hope to god that he brings his spaceship to Iceland. But that doesn’t make any sense at all. Which is the great thing about Skrillex. Nothing makes sense, while making perfect sense.

Logi fucks with his brother

The best of beats. I feel like putting on a fitted and screaming ratatatatata every time I play his EP. The live show is nice, intimate. Unnsteinn is so naked on stage when doing his own stuff. Completely different from the Retro Stefson shows. The music reminds of Aaliyah, krautrock and Prince. The production is often Timbaland-esque. So fucking on point.

And he’s also my brother, so fuck everyone else.

I’m actually surprised that this stuff hasn’t gotten more recognition. I feel like the music critics in Iceland swerve away from any music that has hip-hop influences. They’ve been praying for crass guitars and indie shit to come back and are sleeping on a lot of good stuff. And when they dare to dip into the “urban” pond then they definitely don’t get it. I’ve seen the worst Eminem-inspired mixtapes getting nice reviews here.

Logi fucks with himself

“Oh how the gods must have cried when listening to Young Karin,” “Angelic,” “Awe-inspiring,” “Lolita Trap Ballads.”  We are best. We did a short EP/mixtape one year ago. Still banging. Our new material is godly though. Shit’s hot. You have to check it out.

Logi fucks with Sad Boys

I can not describe how fresh Yung Lean and the Sad Boys are. Free Thaiboy Digital.

Logi fucks with Sophie

Sophie done did it in 2014. Really. Have you heard the leaked track for Madonna’s next album?  Do I need to say more? On the top of the world. The look and graphics are ill. The music is beautiful. It has this nice throwbacky vibe to it, but with modern production elements. When I say modern, I mean  “plug-ins that you’ve never heard of because they’re not released until next week” modern. You couldn’t make this stuff in any other era.  I loved the Boiler Room set also. I also have no idea who’s behind the name. How magical is that?

Logi fucks with Jimmy Edgar

Sometimes I feel artists like Jimmy Edgar pave the way for others. His ‘Majenta’ album was amazing. I actually bought the LP ‘cause I liked the artwork. And then hearing those tracks. Grand, glassy drum rolls. His stuff since ‘Majenta’ has been consistently tip-top also. It’s modular sounding, but still FM-synth sounding. I can’t really figure out what’s happening. I’ve never seen him live, so I don’t know what’s going to happen. But the music is amazing.

Logi fucks with Sin Fang

I like how Sin Fang is constantly challenging his own production. Reworking songs and doing something new. I think that he has like a trillion projects going on also. He’s probably locked in his studio hundreds of hours a month. Virtuoso shit. His new two drummer set is also awesome. He’s a cold motherfucker, too. Wearing Jordans all tatted up. He stands out. I love his stuff. Amazingly melodic, and the new stuff is really hip-hop inspired. I can’t wait to hear his star-studded EP coming out soon.

Other acts that I love dearly: Jamie XX, Samaris and TV On The Radio.

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