From Iceland — DJ Steindór Jónsson On Good Taste And The Reykjavík Club Scene

DJ Steindór Jónsson On Good Taste And The Reykjavík Club Scene

Published February 9, 2015

DJ Steindór Jónsson On Good Taste And The Reykjavík Club Scene
Victor Marquardt

He’s performed in nightclubs and at festivals in Iceland, Denmark and in Germany. He is playing at Sónar Reykjavík for the second time. And guess what: we tricked him to sit down with our German intern and tell him all about the Reykjavík music scene.

Can you tell us about your beginnings as a DJ – is it a full-time gig for you now?

It’s not a full time gig. I don’t think that there are many full time DJs in Iceland. I started playing because I thought I had good taste in music. But, then, everyone’s tastes are different. There are always people who prefer pop music or who aren’t that into disco, house or electronic music.

What do you think you’re bringing to the line-up?

Well, I hope to bring something different, because I don’t like to stay in one style, I move around a little bit. So I guess I’ll bring a disco feel and maybe people will hear something that they haven’t heard before. I like to surprise people.

Why should we come see you and what can we expect?

I think I go on just a little bit before Todd Terje, and, well, I would like to think that my show will be a nice warm up for him. I think we have a similar sort of vibe.

I just want to make everyone happy and to make people dance.

Describe a typical night of performing…

I think most DJs who play regularly in Reykjavík play marathon gigs, where we play five hours straight from 11 pm to 4 am. So there is a lot of build up. You have to start it easy for people who are just out for one drink and then when the party crowd comes from 1 am you really have to step it up.

When I’m playing a good venue and the crowd is really into it, I can get away with a lot. Sometimes it’s weird stuff that you wouldn’t normally hear, but I also play sets that are more mainstream. It definitely depends on the crowd and the vibe of the place. I think the people who go to Icelandic bars are pretty open about different kinds of music.

Do you have any expectations of the audience? Are you looking forward to anything in particular?

Yes, anyone who buys a ticket for Sónar is guaranteed to have a good taste in music, and to be there to dance. So I have full confidence in the Sónar audience.

In which other countries have you played, and which performance was your favourite one?

I played in a few different countries. My largest set was in Berlin. I played a club there that is called MIKZ…

That is one of my favourites in Berlin!

Really? I played there about a year ago on a Tuesday night and still everyone was really into it. That’s Berlin I guess. You can find a great party every day of the week.

So that was definitely one of my favourite gigs outside of Iceland. But Copenhagen is fun too. There are a lot of fun places in Copenhagen as well, I’m going there in a couple of weeks to DJ.

Is there something that’s missing in the Reykjavík music scene?

Oh yes definitely, there is no real club. There is no place where you can go and just find some kind of relentless club music. It’s difficult to start a techno night because the sound systems are not up to the task and the rooms are not up to the task.

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