By now, y’all are probably EXPLODING with excitement about the upcoming Reykjavík Music Mess bash that’ll be happening in less than JUST ONE WEEK! Yes! A week from now, you will be happily hopping along to some great performances by some very choice musicians, forgetting all your horrible life-pain for a  moment of singing along. 
You will laugh, you will cry, you will get drunk, vomit, pass out, wake up, laugh some more, spend all your money, score an overdraft, drink some more, stand in line for the bathroom, lose your phone, slap some hi-fives, regrettably forget your childhood BFF’s birthday and inadvertently offend some guy you had no idea cherished the times you shared at Iceland Airwaves 2006 and can’t get over the fact that you’ve got better stuff to do with your time than remembering his sorry ass. In short, it will be a goddamn blast. 
Does this sound like all too much hype? It probably does, huh. But there’s just no way we can express our excited-ness about this ‘music mess’ thing. It has it all. Thirty high quality musical acts, and five of them VISITORS FROM ABROAD who we almost never get to see. And goddamn Deerhunter. 
(Also, it will provide the perfect opportunity to get all hyped up for the upcoming ALDREI FÓR ÉG SUÐUR awesomeness in Ísfjörður, which happens the weekend after. Who would have thunk April (the cruellest month!) would prove such a big provider of musical joy?). 
Anyway, to help y’all get SUPER GADDAMN PUMPED for the ‘mess, the good people behind it have compiled a fancy compilation for your downloading and listening pleasures. Check it out—it has the following artists and tracks:  
1. Mugison – Haglél
2. Hellvar – Ding an Sich
3. Lower Dens – I Get Nervous
4. Nolo – Skelin mín
5. Prinspóló – Niðrá strönd
6. Nive Nielsen & Deer Children – Room
7. Samaris – Hljóma þú
8. Miri – Drekar
9. AMFJ – Retoría
10. Tomutonttu – Luominen jäi kesken
11. FOSSILS – Deadringer
12. Reykjavík! – INTERNET
13. Swords of Chaos – Ill-gotten Gains
14. Lazyblood – Volcanos and Babies
15. Sudden Weather Change – Sharp
16. Sudden gho stigital – Good Morning

Download your fancy sampler here!

Compilation cover photo by Vasilis Panagiotopoulos, cover designed by Svavar Pétur Eysteinsson and Baldvin Esra Einarsson.

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