From Iceland — Top 5 After-Hours Hangouts

Top 5 After-Hours Hangouts

Published October 13, 2010

Top 5 After-Hours Hangouts

It’s an acknowledged and loathed snag, the confusion that takes over during Iceland Airwaves when the concert schedule has been concluded and you’re all too sweaty, horny and psyched up to call it a night. It’s even so common that the carnival frenzy on the streets of downtown Reykjavík post-3AM stems chiefly from baffled festivalgoers that simply don’t know where to go. Or what do to. And that’s what this list is aimed to clear up, don’t matter if you wanna bone someone, hunt down a doobie or just observe the madness—you should find something to your tastes along the way. And mind that the recitation is put forth in a timely sense. So number five is not the least-best, but rather the one you should check out first, taking closing time and other as relevant things into consideration.
After hours and hours of gazing at talented performers we suggest that the first pit-stop should be this magnificent karaoke bar. If you’d convinced yourself you could just as much be on the stage as every other Icelandic hipster you’ve witnessed earlier that night– you can see if the crowd agrees with you.
This is the hipster den. If things worked out according to plan at the Thai run karaoke bar you can go there and mingle with the coolcats. Maybe tell them about your musical triumph or scrutinise tonight’s gigs. But keep in mind that most people in Iceland are extremely musically talented (ehrm) so you might not score a record deal. Maybe a drink though, if you’re lucky. Uhumm.
This is the hot-spot in Reykjavík today. Don’t matter if you’re an up’n’comin artist or Jim Jarmusch—this is where you party. And most of the time, this watering hole lives up to its standards. Whatever your aim is—hunting for illegal substances, conquering a beauty or getting completely sloshed—you can fulfil it here.
I’m guessing that the bulk of you all have dropped out of the circuit by now—so mighty is Bakkus’ allure—but for the ones remaining, Strawberries is a must. The party never stops there. Really, never. So buckle your seatbelt, ‘cause this is gonna be a ride. Don’t mind the tough looking East-European bouncers, they’re real sweethearts. Once you’ve reached for your wallet.
1. N1

Some people go here for a bite after partying their wits away, given its 24/7 opening hours, but most people are unaware of that this is actually a party place. The demography consists mostly of teenagers under 18, but everybody knows those guys can party. So to end a night of mayhem, this is the place.

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