From Iceland — Are You Always Boring Your Friends With Your Superior, Learned Tastes In Music?

Are You Always Boring Your Friends With Your Superior, Learned Tastes In Music?

So here’s the thing. We love music. Freaking love it. We listen to it all the time. In the kitchen, in the bedroom, in the bathroom, on the balcony on our way to work, at work. After work. And at night. Then, of course, there are the shows. So many great shows going on all the time. In short: music is awesome.
Say you share our love of music. Say yours even by far surpasses ours. You have a passion. This is good, you passed your first test. Next question: do you know your English alright? Can you read, write and speak it alright? If so, read on.
Are you reading on? OK. Next question: are you an adequate-to-awesome writer? Do you love hard work? If so, are you ready to spend long hours writing down your opinions on and experiences with music for a really shitty paycheck? Are you ready to take lots of shit for vocally not liking stuff (or liking it)?
Are you ready to lose friends for your opinions on whether some shitty band is decidedly shitty or not?
Do you harbour an interest in, and can write about, electro, techno, rawk, hip hop, deathcöre, as well as grungy soft-jazz and the latest bööööring proggy nü-metal fusion opus?
Drop us a line if you are. We are looking to add music writers to our stable, especially ones that are totally over the top, ludicrously passionate about and in love with music (to the point of secretly wanting to have sex with it, even though you know it’s a concept, and you really can’t have sex with concepts, but you’d like to try it out anyway).
So mail your stuff and words and thoughts to
And if you lie in your e-mail, we will know. We will know and we will hunt you down, and we will give you a hurt look.

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