From Iceland — Birthday’s Birthday

Birthday’s Birthday

Published November 3, 2006

Birthday’s Birthday

Seeing that the legendary Sugarcubes (Sykurmolarnir) haven’t played in public together since November 1992, the news on the groups’ November 17th reunion came as a pleasant surprise to fans in Iceland and around the globe. The reason for the reunion show is the twentieth anniversary of the band’s first single Ammæli (Birthday).
“The twentieth birthday of Birthday is a pretty good reason for a grand celebration. Our record company, Smekkleysa (Bad Taste), is also celebrating its twentieth anniversary this year and the weirdest thing we could do to honour the two was bringing all the Sugarcubes members back together again,” Sugarcubes drummer Sigtryggur Baldursson tells the Grapevine. “We’ve been rehearsing for the last few weeks and trying to remember all the old songs. Much to my surprise it’s all been going remarkably well. It all seems to be coming together.”
After the break-up, the members all went their separate creative ways, with Björk’s solo career being the biggest success of them all, but what binds them all together, apart from friendship, is their record company Smekkleysa. All profits from the ticket sales will be donated to the group’s record company. Some rumours about the company’s poor status have started, but Baldursson dismisses all worries claiming that Smekkleysa is not facing bankruptcy.
“Our purpose with these concerts is to refresh the business so we can continue with our work of promoting great Icelandic music that doesn’t necessarily bring home any big bucks. To continue to lose money at the speed of light. That’s our motto,” Baldursson adds.
The concert is sponsored by FL-Group and Icelandair is offering package trips to Iceland. According to Baldursson, at least four planes with nostalgic lunatics on board have been filled. With only a few standing tickets still available, this will be a one-off event and maybe the only chance to witness the infamous supergroup on stage.
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