here’s what happened:

1) Representatives of Smirnoff stopped by our office with samples of their alco-pops and invites for a “VIP Party.” We laughed at the alco-pop and the classicism of a VIP party. We also came to the conclusion that any party that allowed us in the VIP wasn’t a very exclusive party.
But the invitations were delivered at 3. We had a few hours to stare at the alco-pops. We got thirsty.

2) We showed up at the VIP Party. There were complementary alco-pops. We decided we would leave in fifteen minutes.

3) We accidentally broke some glass and were stared at. We had been at the party four hours. We were looking at the guy from Gus Gus thinking “Shouldn’t we be reviewing his concert? Isn’t his concert on right now? Are we on stage?”

4) Three different members of the staff claim they feel no effects from the alco-pops they have consumed. Those three immediately disappear and aren’t heard from again for four days, though Sirkus calls the Grapevine office to turn in a passport that said “non-intoxicated” journalist left at the bar.

5) We are given a tip that MEGAS is doing a surprise show at Grand Rokk. While we were obligated to get to Gus Gus at NASA, Megas should always be honoured. The surprise show, featuring guests Sukkat, and the best drummer we have ever seen, made for what we can only guess was the best Megas show of the decade. Novelist Einar Már Gudmundsson, who was on hand at the show, said simply “Megas was really on.”

6) A photographer and others reported to the Gus Gus show. They are frightened by songstress Urður’s use of a Phantom of the Opera style mask.

7) We don’t know.

8) The entire crew decides to make fundamental changes in lifestyle when they can’t figure out what happened at the Gus Gus show, or why there are so many pictures of the same garbage can with the words “Cinder eat” written on it in black magic marker.

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