From Iceland — Foreigner’s Guide to Eurovision

Foreigner’s Guide to Eurovision

Published May 6, 2005

Foreigner’s Guide to Eurovision

What is it?
A song contest, obviously! It is held annually between participating European countries (and some additional places like Israel).

When is it?
The pre-selection round is 19 May with the final 21 May in Kiev, Ukraine. You can watch it on RÚV.

What’s the best thing about it?
Tough call. Could be the crazy costumes and hair, the outrageous dancing, the clichéd pop songs, or the fact that none of that makes a difference once the voting starts.

Why does it matter so much to Icelanders?
If they can’t win at this or at handball, the only thing they’ll be famous for is Bobby Fischer.

Who is competing for Iceland this year?
Selma will be singing “If I Had Your Love”.

How do I vote?
You can vote by phone during the show – but you can’t vote for Iceland! (ask your friends in other countries to do it).

How do I celebrate it?
Go to an Icelandic Eurovision party. Drink Coke and beer and eat pizza. Act surprised when Cyprus vote for Greece even if the song was crap. Learn to count to 12 in French. Go downtown after the results. There’s a Eurovision party at NASA (haven’t I plugged it enough?)

This sounds fantastic. I want to know more about it in advance! Keener!
If you must, check out and you can watch all the videos and the old Icelandic performances.

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