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A Letter To Capitalism

A Letter To Capitalism

Published July 14, 2017

Photos by
Ragnheiður Eiríksdóttir

Dear Capitalism!

I know you want me and other able adults to work. We each need to contribute to maintain the system you, with the help of your henchmen (read: those in power for the past 200-ish years), have bestowed upon us.

I know the voices against you have long been stifled, and somehow you have managed to lure even the loudest self-proclaimed lefties into your web. The people who used to wish you death have long since accepted a soft seat in your wagon, for the price of their mere souls/lives/powers/firstborn. There is no spoon!

To keep things straight, this columnist does not live in the illusion that she somehow has escaped your embrace. Like most, she lived up to your expectations, went to university, accepted the kiss of death (i.e. student loans) and consequently became a willing and obedient little minion in your grand scheme. For a decade she really, really, really was a good little cog in the machine, even working for a giant global pharmaceutical company, instead of tending to the sick as she had promised herself upon graduation. Perhaps she was greedy—or perhaps she just wanted a job with a decent salary where the hours weren’t too bad. She didn’t mind the money, the travelling, the company car or the comfortable and fancy offices.

So why write this letter to you now? Well, with age comes wisdom… or at least many of us become the proud owners of invisible little drones that allow us to get another perspective on our lives and surroundings. I like to believe that in spite of my sheer enjoyment of purchasing new shoes, a 39th shade of red lipstick and comfy pants today, I have gained some kind of insight. In spite of my lack of degrees in history, economics or politics, I now see things I didn’t—and couldn’t—in my twenties.

I think you should be questioned. Like movie theatre owners in Iceland should be questioned on why they insist on having a break during film screenings. Like the judicial system should be questioned about Iceland’s track record on sentencing for sexual abuse and violence. After all, dear Capitalism, we made you—and thus, we can change you!

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