From Iceland — Valgarður Guðjonsson

Valgarður Guðjonsson

Valgarður Guðjonsson

Published July 9, 2004

Rokk í Reykjavík band: Fræbbblarnir
Best known for: Bringing punk rock to Iceland

Fræbbblarnir had two songs featured on RíR, both blistering. They reformed and have continued to record and perform to this day in slightly modified form. They attached little value to social commentary in their music. Was the scene in Iceland divided along class lines?
“We were from the wrong class for Punk, people felt…we weren´t poor enough. Many people were into Punk for political reasons…this was not appealing to us. We felt it was much more fun to say something out of line than make a social statement.”
Do you think that Punk changed anything in your eyes?
“It made Rock fun again, it brought back the aggression and intensity, like the early days of Rock and Roll twenty years before. But, as for society, I don’t see that it changed anything.” Out of the original mebers shown in RíR the drummer Stefán is the only one who remains in the band. Steinþór died, Tryggvi went back to school and Kristinn opened up a restaurant. Current profession: Software engineer

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