From Iceland — Sigtrykkur Baldursson

Sigtrykkur Baldursson

Sigtrykkur Baldursson

Published July 9, 2004

Rokk í Reykjavík band: Þeyr
Best known for: Bringing Icelandic punk to the world

Þeyrs´ music was frenetic and dramatic in a distinct way. The band boasted some of the best musicians in the land.
“We started as a bar band, then we became influenced by post-punk bands like Joy Division, Siouxise and the Banshees, of course the Sex pistols as well…but our sound was very distinct, we were thought to be very left field for the time. Here it was more of an art movement than a punk movement…it was more about energy. Everyone felt like they could do SOMETHING… be a part of SOMETHING. We were all very inexperienced, but we were being clumsy in a special way.”
Sigtryggur played in the bands Kukl and Sugarcubes after Þeyr and conquered the world. After the Sugarcubes came to an end he formed the crooner persona Bogomil Font, which became a huge success in Iceland. He moved along with his wife to the US and then Holland, but has recently returned to Iceland. His current projects include the world music band Steintryggur and producing a Kurt Weill opera this summer.
Current profession: Musician, producer, (as Bogomil Font) crooner

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