From Iceland — Jón Björn Óttarsson

Jón Björn Óttarsson

Published July 9, 2004

Jón Björn Óttarsson

Rokk í Reykjavík band: Sjálfsfróun
Best known for: Trying to keep the beat while string instruments are being trashed at the front of the stage

Sjálfsfróun, meaning masturbation in English, were the lost boys of the early 80’s punk scene in Reykjavík. With an average age of 14 years of age, the leather jacketed mohican crew played the role to the glue-sniffing trouble-making hilt. If many of the other bands had artistic tendencies, Sjálfsfróun adopted the image and attitude of British bands like the U.K. Subs and the Exploited. Street Punk was their medium and their message.
“What can I say? That was how it was. It’s not as if this was an act. We were being ourselves completely. Either you were punk or you were disco. Bubbi, the Pollocks, Einar Örn, they started everything, we were the little brothers…no one wanted to talk to us.”
Of the band members, Bjarni móhíkani became a sailor. He could often be seen playing around Reykjavík, but is currently living in Denmark. Siggi resides at the Reykjavík mental asylumn. Pési the bass player, who was fired from the band shortly before the film was made, od´d in Amsterdam. Jónbi works in construction these days.
Current profession: Rock and Roller

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