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Friðrik Erlingsson

Friðrik Erlingsson

Published July 9, 2004

Rokk í Reykjavík band: Purrkur Pillnikk
Best known for: Standing immobile on stage while Einar Örn rolled around on the floor

Purrkur Pillnikk was one of the most popular and influential bands from this period. Three members of Purrkur, Einar Örn, Friðrik and Bragi would later go on to join the Sugarcubes.
“Einar came back from London with God Save the Queen and played it for us. This changed everything. We formed Purrkur Pillnikk to play a concert at a local high school, we slapped together nine songs the night before and just did it. This was in March of ‘81. On April 1st we went into a studio and recorded an entire album in one day. That was the feeling of the time. Like Einar was known to say “It’s not what your able to, but what you actually do that matters.” It was music for the moment, music for now.” Einar Örn, Purrkur’s singer continues to blow minds and speakers with his creation Ghostigital. Bragi, the groups archivist went on to be a writer and poet. Ásgeir the bands drummer was last heard of training dogs in Norway. Friðrik went on to work for an advertising agency and write books. His best known book is the children´s book Benjamín Dúfa, which has also been made into a film. He´s also written the script for Iceland´s first CGI cartoon, Litla ljóta lirfan.
Current profession: Writer

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