From Iceland — The Grapevine Reader's Poll Results

The Grapevine Reader’s Poll Results

Published October 10, 2016

The Grapevine Reader’s Poll Results
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Well, we had to get in on the act, and set up our own online poll. As with all open-ended online polls, ours too was completely unscientific, only with the added bonus of being conducted over the course of just a few days. We sent out the call, and an astounding 235 of you answered. We are humbled.

Here’s how our poll worked. Our poll was based on one conducted by Maskína for RÚV last month, whereby respondents were presented with a list of issues. Only RÚV respondents were asked to rate each one in terms of level of importance. We asked our readers to choose their personal top three. These results reflect which issues were the most to least likely to be in any given reader’s top three. We also gave our readers the chance to offer their own written caveats to their responses, which you can read below.

With that in mind, here are the results (click to biggify):


Our readers were very eager to respond in writing, as well. As to be expected, a great many emphasised the need to protect Icelandic nature, and to improve the infrastructure of the tourism industry, while also emphasising that tourism itself should be contained to some degree. However, many readers also expressed hopes and dreams for Icelandic society. They stressed such concepts as Iceland becoming a whistleblower haven, revising its constitution, making the immigration process simpler, creating more affordable housing, sustainable energy to power fleets of electric cars – countless almost utopian ideas that our readers believe Iceland can and should take up.

Overall, this has been a very encouraging experience. Maybe sometime soon we’ll even throw in for an actual scientific poll. Expect a call from us just as you sit down to dinner soon!

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