From Iceland — Don't Ask Nanna: About Skyr Tossing

Don’t Ask Nanna: About Skyr Tossing

Published April 15, 2016

Don’t Ask Nanna: About Skyr Tossing
Nanna Árnadóttir
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Dear Nanna,

Why are protestors throwing perfectly good Skyr at Parliament? Please let us send you some of that rubbish Arla stuff we have to put up with in the UK.

Skyr Snob

Dear Skyr Snob,

Don’t hate, participate! Throw that ARLA Skyr crap at your own Parliament and Prime Minister, perhaps you too could benefit from a sham resignation, platitudes of “fall elections” and months of protests while the media oppressing government hustles to finish privatising banks and energy companies.


Dear Nanna,

Why did someone open my locker in the gym and spill mouthwash all over my gear bag?

Gym Jockey

Dear Gym Jockey,

A lot of Icelanders find it difficult to broach sensitive topics that might make them feel awkward so they resort to shitty passive aggressive moves like splashing mouthwash all over your stuff rather than telling you that you gotta work on your halitosis.


Hey Nanna,

What the hell is a Dunkin Donuts doing in Iceland? Gross!

Donut Disser

Hey Donut Disser,

I know, who would have guessed Iceland, sweet elf loving, northern lights having, quirky jumper wearing Iceland would have been in any way touched by the filth of globalisation.

How could it be that a country run by corrupt shell company share owners might dance in the light of free market capitalism. IS NO PLACE SACRED? THIS ISN’T ANYTHING LIKE TRAPPED! WHERE’S ANDRI?



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