From Iceland — Don't Ask Nanna: About Ask Guðmundur

Don’t Ask Nanna: About Ask Guðmundur

Published May 1, 2015

Don’t Ask Nanna: About Ask Guðmundur
Nanna Árnadóttir
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Dear Nanna, 

What is the deepest ravine in Iceland? 

– Spelunker 

Dear Spelunker,

The Prime Minister’s approval ratings!


– Nanna


Dear Nanna, 

I read in the news this week that Inspired by Iceland has launched a human search engine called Ask Guðmundur. How does it feel to have a rival?


Travel Junkie

Dear Travel Junkie,

There are enough stupid questions to go around.


Donnie probably contacted Guðmundur because he wanted a kind-hearted, friendly Icelander to diligently explain with words and science that “no, not all Icelanders have blue eyes because genetics, haha.”

Donnie probably didn’t contact me because he doesn’t know I exist and if he did he wouldn’t want a snarky Icelander to imply his Twitter account was being haunted by the ghost of Dr. Mengele.

Something I now suspect to be the case.


Snark Junkie

Dear Nanna, 

What do puffins sound like? 

Thank you, 


Dear Power Puff,

Puffins are known for their husky and sexually potent baritone voices.


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