From Iceland — Debt-Relief Bullshit

Debt-Relief Bullshit

Published November 13, 2014

Debt-Relief Bullshit
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Today, I am furious. Utterly furious. Everyone that supported the government’s so-called “debt relief” plan, and then made money from said “debt relief” plan, I want to tell you this: Today, you stole money from other people, including myself. If you dislike being called a thief, keep in mind: theft by any other name is still theft.

That said, I want to offer my support to everyone who fought against this madness, but still applied for a debt relief. I’d much rather you receive tax dollars allocated out of the meagre salary my wife and I make, than the government’s self-righteous supporters.

Today, two political parties stole money from all of society and gave it to a certain group of people within that society. This group was randomly chosen for political reasons, despite several other groups of people also being very badly off after the events of the last few years. Some individuals that received money through the debt relief programme are enduring a financial crisis of their own—yet, a great many are not, and didn’t need this. The same applies in other groups, where many (including my wife and I) struggle to make it from day to day. Today, one group robbed other groups.

They call it a “Debt Relief” programme, but I call that a misnomer. History books should remember this day as something different, something darker. Maybe the “Wealth Redistribution Programme” (which is ironic, given the Independence Party’s policies). It’s good to not be anyone important today, as it leaves me free to say the things so many others are thinking: Some people, today more than most days, really are assholes. Today, some people in Iceland should really feel ashamed, as they have just become thieves.

I write this because I feel a great deal of anger from the torrent of self-congratulating messages flooding social media from those who received “debt relief,” and the self-righteous bullshit they say to those who applied despite finding this whole thing ridiculous.

Friðrik Jónsson is a psychology student from Reykjavík. He wrote up this little diatribe on Monday, as the government introduced the implementation of the fabled “debt relief” programme.

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Enough. Stop. Now.

Enough. Stop. Now.


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