From Iceland — I Am Never Drinking Again!

I Am Never Drinking Again!

Published June 10, 2010

I Am Never Drinking Again!
Rex Beckett

You’ve said it. I’ve said it. We’ve all fucking said it. But let’s face it; we are both drinking a cold one right now. There is nothing worse than a horrible hangover though, and we’ve all had those nights where we had one or seventeen too many shots of Opal or Brennivín after already too many beers. It was probably an awesome night (what we can remember), but the next day was harsh. Here are a few sure-fire Icelandic-style remedies that will set you straight before tonight’s party.
Kristall Plús
Much like ginger ale, this deliciously fizzy drink has marvellous effects on upset tummies after you’ve done unsightly damage to it with alcohol. Available almost everywhere, it comes in a wide variety of awesome flavours like Mexican lime and blood orange, which of course sound really appetizing when you‘re recovering from the dry heaves. But seriously, it’s magical. It’s great with a bit of orange juice and boosted up with Treo, a caffeinated, effervescent pain-killer tablet.
Hot tubbing
This one is a classic. Hitting up the pool after a serious night of destroying oneself is as Icelandic as buttering your dried fish. For some locals, it’s the ONLY time they ever go to the pool. Wait wait. I don’t mean pool as in going to do laps. I mean go sit in one of those marvellously steaming heated tubs of geothermal water while basking in the sunshine, replenishing your weakened body with vitamin D and hydration. With three awesome pools in Reykjavík proper at 360 ISK per visit, it’s also hella convenient.
Sweaty food
English-speaking countries usually refer to this as “greasy food”, but Iceland has gone and made up an even grosser sounding term for the life-saving nourishment of the booze-hound—heavy, starchy meals cooked in loads of oil. A few good options: the Forget-Me-Not burger at Vitabar on Vitastígur; Nonnabiti “boats” (subs) on Hafnarstræti; the Truck breakfast and Bruce Willis shake at Prikið; pylsur, pylsur, pylsur.
Go for a hike
Sometimes it’s just good to get in a car and drive a few minutes out of town to a nice, remote hill where you can stretch your legs and move around a bit. A great spot to go is the Reykjadalur valley in Hveragerði, roughly 30 minutes away from Reykjavík. It’s a gorgeous area with views onto the south coast and as you hike down further into the valley, you eventually meet a natural hot-stream where a boiling and a freezing river meet. You know what that means? Skinny dipping.
Duh. Close the curtains and go back to bed, drunky!

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Enough. Stop. Now.

Enough. Stop. Now.


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