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Stuff We Like!

Published November 6, 2009

Stuff We Like!

We have slowly but surely grown really, really fond of My Summer as a
Salvation Soldier’s new downloadable EP, Nýtt, since we got hold of it
a couple of months ago.
This new EP appeared out of the blue on MSAASS’ Twitter and Facebook
sites in mid-September, in the form of a Mediafire download link. No
press release was sent out, and the whole thing kinda happened without
any attempts from the artist (who we assume is self-releasing) to raise
awareness or hype about the project.
The EP has a very minimal, modest sort of vibe around it. To begin
with, there is no artwork. And it’s called Nýtt – that translates as
“New” and is pretty much what you would expect an artist to label his
works in progress. This vibe also transforms to the EP itself, its five
songs are all sound very understated, non-confrontational and
minimalist, in the best ways imaginable.
It is music that initially floats by you without clamouring for your
attention, yet manages to slowly yet surely boar its way into your
subconscious and makes itself a home in your head. Or it did in mine at
The music inspires and/or draws from a sort of homely loneliness, all
reverb-y vocals and strummed guitars, with the occasional wall of
swerving feedback soaring by, making the EP ideal headphone fodder. It
is alone-music, comfort-music. Like mushroom risotto and a glass of
wine. Or something.
You can download the Nýtt EP here
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