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Stuff We Like!

Published August 4, 2009

Stuff We Like!

We do not like KREPPA or ECONOMIC COLLAPSE or FILTHY FILTH that’s being
uncovered much, but we do like learning about it. It provides a sense
of empowerment and, well, we should know about it. So check out a brief list of resources for those of you that thirst for filthy information below.
Firstly, every last one of you should go ahead and download the absolutely and astoundingly unbelievable Kaupthing document that showed up on the ever awesome WikiLeaks database last Wednesday. Kaupthing famously collapsed shortly after producing the report, a “210 page file [presenting] an exposure analysis of 205 entities from around the world who owed 45 to 1250 million euros each to the Icelandic bank.” Read the WikiLeaks summary on the course of events – and the subsequent legal threats they received from Kaupthing – as well as downloading the document itself here. And if you’ve any documents you need a-leakin’, then you should by all means submit them here.
This weekend, the saintly Eva Joly (advisor to the Icelandic government on how we should go on about prosecuting some of our villainous scum that needs prosecuting) published an open letter scathing indictment simultaneously in the Telegraph, Aftenposten, Le Monde and Morgunblaðið. Read the English version (which someone edited semi-important bits of information out of, as the comments section will reveal) here
The Economic Disaster Area blog is quite a source of information on all things economic disaster.
Journalist Íris Erlingsdóttir’s blog-entries at The Huffington Post are often enlightening.
Alda Sigmundsdóttir maintains the ever-popular, ever-informative Iceland Weather Report, and she has been doing a very impressive job of keeping English-speakers up to date with what’s going on here, with interviews and original reporting appearing alongside bloggier material. For instance, check out her interview with the aforementioned Eva Joly right here.
Also, if you happen to read and understand Icelandic OK, you should go to Nei.
That’s it for now. If you read all these you should be well on your way to being as astounded and dumbfounded and shocked as we are. Do send interesting links or stuff we forgot for some reason to the regular address.

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