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Cheap Reykjavik

Published September 3, 2008

Cheap Reykjavik

Now, Reykjavík isn’t really cheap. However, there are plenty of ways to shave impressive amounts of krónur off your monthly purchases, and “Cheap Reykjavík” is where Grapevine attempts to pass some of them on to you, loyal reader. Please send your saving tips to and he will pass them along.

Cheap Movies
Downtown Reykjavík’s only movie theatre, Regnboginn, has celebrated this summer in style, offering a special discount on all screenings. While other movie theatres will charge you anywhere from ISK 950 to 1.200 per ticket, you can enjoy Hollywood’s latest regurgitations at Regnboginn for only ISK 650. This offer is only meant to last until fall, so hurry up and score your tickets to Mamma Mia! now.

Reader Tip:
Cheap(ish) Gourmet Eating

This tip was phoned in by avid cheapskate Jacek, who wishes to spread the word on his most treasured find since he moved here from Poland last winter. Jacek tells us he enjoys gourmet foods and dinner parties as much as the next guy, but that he doesn’t always have the time or resources for whipping up fancy courses. And this is where gourmet fish store Fylgifiskar comes in. “I go to their Skólavörðustígur store. They have some great pre-prepared seafood dishes there that sell for really cheap. It’s fresh fish, prepared in different styles, and all you have to do is cook it on a pan or in the oven for a while. Maybe boil some rice or potatoes. For around ISK 500 per person, you can impress your guests.”

Reader Tip:
Góði Hirðirinn

It’s beyond us why we haven’t mentioned Góði Hirðirinn before, as it is a great resource for saving on all kinds of items, and all of its proceeds go directly to charity.  Luckily, a helpful miser by the name of Harold took it upon himself to remind us of Góði Hirðirinn’s greatness: “Góði Hirðirinn absolutely saved my life when I spent a winter in Reykjavík a couple of years back. I got a great set of speakers, a living room couch, a toaster, silverware and a bunch of vinyl records – basically everything I needed for the apartment we rented – for under 4.000 ISK. It’s a great institution.”
    We might add that Góði Hirðirinn is a second hand store, and sells items that are donated by the public at various drop-off venues in Sorpa-stations around the city. Góði Hirðirinn is located at Fellsmúli 28, 108 Reykjavík (off Grensásvegur, near Skeifan – bus route 2). 

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