From Iceland — The Lover's Guide to Iceland

The Lover’s Guide to Iceland

Published September 2, 2008

The Lover’s Guide to Iceland
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The well-known myth about Icelandic women being goddess-like and undisputedly the most beautiful specimens of the female kind in the world is a great tourist attraction. Of course this is not meant to put down the Icelandic male population which is considered by many to be just as attractive, with their Viking-like anatomy and their fierce-looking features. The basic point is that there are many who actually come to this gloomy island because of these rumours, wanting to attain true love. I’ve decided to give these love-seeking enthusiasts a few pointers, and maybe even bust a few myths.
     To begin with it has to be stated that finding true love in Iceland will be a challenge under most circumstances, so choose your actions carefully. The first rule is based upon the extremely unwelcoming attitude ingrained in Icelanders: therefore, try your luck when the subject is drunk. If you approach a candidate for your love out in the streets or in a café they will suspect you are soliciting something and turn their back. So the most ideal venue is probably a bar late at night, when the attitude of the inhabitants turns completely around.
     When you detect a possible subject, approach him or her and offer a drink. If he or she accepts your offer, you might as well chitchat a bit for fun, although the subject will probably not remember your conversation the morning after. The next step is playing the waiting game. No Icelander wants to leave a bar unless being physically removed, so you can assume that you’ll stay there ‘til dawn. Don’t even think of proposing anything as blatant as leaving the premises to go home with you, just keep on buying more drinks. The rule of thumb is: the drunker the better. It should also be noted that inviting the target on a date the first night is extremely inappropriate, for nobody would ever go on a date with you unless having already bunked with you at least twice; counter to the customary rule of not bunking with anybody until after at least two dates, which applies to the rest of the world.
     When the going-home-in-a-taxi routine finally appears you should offer to pay the fare and if the target endorses the proposal you’ve probably reached the goal line.

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