From Iceland — Congratulations, Reykjavík!

Congratulations, Reykjavík!

Published June 2, 2006

Congratulations, Reykjavík!

For more than a decade the Progressive Party and the Independence Party have been the leading proponents of Iceland’s decision to support the war in Iraq, despite an overwhelming majority of the nation being opposed to it. They have sacrificed our nature at the expense of heavy industry. They have made a point of privatizing every government institution, they have neglected the elderly, they have run the economic system to the point where inflation is reaching double digits.
In the recent mayoral elections, the people of Reykjavík decided that this would be the ideal majority to run the city council as well. Seeing how they did such a good job on the national level and all.
At least the Independence Party can claim some sort of ideology behind their policies, being a right wing party, whereas The Progressive Party have never had ideology, other than to stay in power. I truly believe that if evil resides in Iceland, it votes Progressive.
The Progressives have always campaigned heavily on what they believe to be popular issues, making wild promises that attract people with no grasp of political discourse. I guess if you run a campaign on the premise that a tenth of the population is more or less mindless and tailor your campaign to impress the mindless herd, you are likely to receive a good proportion of their votes.
If you convince them that you are cool for example, so cool that you drive around in a Hummer H2, so cool that you party at Pravda, you know, hnakki cool, that is all it takes. Never mind the issues, or the lack thereof.
So, congratulations, Reykjavík, you have been duped.

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Enough. Stop. Now.


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