Published June 13, 2003


Sports tend to get dull, let’s make them interesting!!!

In the world of sport, you constantly hear of drug abuse and performance enhancing methods that are forbidden. Athletes go to great measures to achieve better physical power and endurance like taking steroids, pumping blood into themselves before competitions and so on. This seems to extend to all sports from swimming to Formula 1 racing. In the motor sport circuit there are strict regulations about everything it seems and the endless complications are getting confusing to say the least.
I have been wondering, what’s the big deal here? Why not allow everything? For all I care they could use rocket power to achieve 600 kmph on the straights in formula one racing and why not? It’s good entertainment. I would like to see the record for the women’s high-jump be crushed by someone jumping 50 cm higher than the old record see sailboats exceed 150kmh in races held on the outer limits of huge tornados and basketball player dunk from the three point line. Who wants humanity to end up as a collection weak creatures with small bodies and large heads traveling on slow moving electric vehicles and talking about their fluid diet, how wonderful their armpits smell and the beautiful shade of pink their skin has become. I want to see multi racial, bio-mechanic life forms with the strength of five normal humans traveling at the speed of sound on nuclear-powered motorcycles just to get to get to work or your average joe climb Everest just to stay in shape; A brave new world of new horizons and no limitations!.
Off course, people are going to say it is unhealthy to use steroids or whatever, but hey, if professionals are willing to do that for personal excellence or for fame or fortune. Why not let them? I’m not going to pop steroids or challenge Lennox Lewis to a fight but I have no problem with professionals doing it. Let us create a super league in all sports where you’re allowed to use every resource available Just imagine the fun watching those sports on TV or live.
The purists can have their own league and achieve their own “clean” records. Doesn’t matter to me, I won’t be watching.

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Enough. Stop. Now.

Enough. Stop. Now.


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