From Iceland — Presidential Candidates: Halla Hrund Logadóttir

Presidential Candidates: Halla Hrund Logadóttir

Published May 9, 2024

Presidential Candidates: Halla Hrund Logadóttir

In light of the upcoming Icelandic presidential elections, we reached out to all candidates for answers to our pressing questions. Here is what one of them said. 

Halla Hrund Logadóttir

Please provide your name, age and current occupation. 

Halla Hrund Logadóttir, 43 years old, Director General at The National Regulatory Authority.

Why do you want to be president?  

I have a deep passion for Iceland and its interests. As I reflect on the role of the president, I see an opportunity to contribute to our nation’s wellbeing. My goal is to explore avenues for collective growth, both locally and internationally, with a focus on fostering unity and always prioritising the public good. 

I believe that cooperation — a cherished value in our Icelandic heritage — is essential for our continued progress. It’s imperative that we work together to uphold and cultivate these principles. 

My academic journey and professional experience, both domestically and internationally, have granted me valuable insights into various facets of governance, education, and diplomacy within the realms of political science and international cooperation. I am passionate about sharing and celebrating the richness of Icelandic culture and innovation. In Brussels, I had the privilege of organising one of our largest cultural festivals abroad. 

During my time at Harvard, I was deeply involved in advanced studies and practical initiatives concerning environmental and energy policy, critical to our nation’s future. In Togo, my involvement in educational projects highlighted the crucial role of solid community foundations for progress, reinforcing my understanding of infrastructure’s importance in achieving development goals. Additionally, through establishing the international gender equality initiative, Project Girls for Girls, I worked to empower women from over 20 different countries by developing skills and creating strong networks. 

My experiences have shaped my approach to leadership — one that values inclusivity, collaboration, and the deep rooted belief that we must preserve our environment and cultural heritage for future generations. As president, I intend to use these lessons to foster cooperation across the country, engage diverse stakeholders, and focus on the public interest. 

Why should people vote for you for president rather than another candidate? 

I am not affiliated with any political party and have never participated in party politics. My candidacy is grounded in the values of cooperation and participation, which have been crucial for our nation. I see myself as a representative of the public in this election, a true advocate for the people of our country. I bring extensive and diverse experience gained through my professional work and education, both domestically and internationally. There is a national desire for a president who possesses a broad range of experiences, can engage in dialogue with everyone, regardless of their background, and can unite different generations and diverse groups within our society. I aim to be a strong team player for the entire nation.

What is the role of the president and how will you fulfil it? 

The presidency is profoundly important for the nation. It serves as a unifying symbol. Rather than being swayed by the ever-changing currents of politics, the President must stand firm and always prioritise the public interest. The President also has considerable power to facilitate a dialogue and set the agenda domestically and internationally. This power should strengthen our community and promote a better future for all citizens. The President must approach this role with prudence, symbolising stability and unity, and respecting the principles of parliamentary democracy, using their powers judiciously. Such powers should only be exercised in emergencies, for example, if fundamental human rights or national sovereignty are at risk. 

What is not the role of the president? 

The President of Iceland should be above the daily squabbles of politics. I also believe it is important to respect the parliamentary and democratic processes in the country. 

If elected, what would be your first order of business as president? 

To listen to people and support communities across the country.

If elected, would you put a cap on how many terms you would foresee yourself serving? 

 I do believe it is advisable for a president to serve three to four terms.

What are your views on the Presidential veto powers?  

I believe that the president must handle their powers with caution and respect parliamentary democracy. However, it is important for the president to ensure the nation’s access to decision making in very particular circumstances.

In what circumstances do you think is appropriate to use presidential veto powers? 

When human rights are threatened, sovereignty is at risk, or Iceland’s long-term national interests are at stake.

What are your thoughts on constitutional reform? 

My opinion is that there are many aspects of the constitution that could be revisited, such as issues concerning the nation’s resources. However, this discussion should take place and be led by the people and the parliament. 

If elected, how do you envision your interactions with other heads of state? 

My goal is to amplify opportunities that benefit Iceland’s best interests. I see the presidency as a platform to enhance Iceland’s stature internationally. In office, I would focus on strengthening our diplomatic relationships, advocating for sustainability, peace, and equality, and defending the interests and values of our nation.

If you have a spouse/partner, how active do they envision themselves during your time at Bessastaðir? 

His expertise and insight in the field of innovation will undoubtedly be a valuable asset to me. Additionally, his encouragement and understanding are invaluable in helping me strike a balance between my duties as President and our personal life. I am truly grateful to have such a supportive partner by my side. 

Which former president would you aspire to emulate and why? 

Each of them has contributed uniquely to our nation, and I believe there are valuable lessons to be learned from their diverse experiences and approaches to leadership.

This article includes the full responses of one presidential candidate. Click here to see what the other candidates said.

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