From Iceland — Hour Of The Wolf: Game Designer By Day, Bouncer By Night

Hour Of The Wolf: Game Designer By Day, Bouncer By Night

Published September 7, 2017

Hour Of The Wolf: Game Designer By Day, Bouncer By Night
Jenna Mohammed
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Varvara Lozenko

“I’m a bouncer, I throw people out and maintain order,” says Tumi Sveinn Snorrason. Working late nights at Prikið, Tumi has seen his fair share of rowdy drunks. For him, the best part of the job is not actually being on the job. “I know all the bouncers here, we’re all friends, so when there’s not much to do and we aren’t working, that’s the best part,” he says. “I wouldn’t say the best part is when I get to throw someone out.” Being a bouncer at Prikið, however, has its fun moments. “It’s great just watching drunk people do stupid shit,” says Tumi. “That’s the funniest thing.”

“It’s great just watching drunk people do stupid shit. That’s the funniest thing.”

Tumi recounts an unforgettable moment on the job, when he had to handle an ominous drunk with a crack pipe. “There was this drug addict, he was just off his rocker,” Tumi recalls. “I was working at this rock bar and he knew someone who worked there, but we wouldn’t let him in, and he just kept rambling on. He was so out of it, and he had a crack pipe. I stood in the doorway ready to slam the door on him; he knew he wouldn’t get in. He kept shouting nonsense like, ‘MY GRANDMA DOESN’T LET ME RAP ANYMORE!’ and threw the crack pipe over the house. His clothes were gradually falling off, and we called the police. They had to chase him while he was naked. He jumped into a pond and the police had to get him out. That’s probably the weirdest thing I’ve seen.”

When Tumi isn’t dealing with troublemakers, he’s pursuing his personal interests. “I’m a freelance game designer, but ‘freelancer’ essentially just means unemployed and between projects. I have this job because it can easily be my fulltime or part-time job. If I have things to work on, I can do bouncer work once a week. It’s flexible enough to work with whatever schedule I need.”

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