From Iceland — Choose Your Team! What Your Next Government Might Look Like

Choose Your Team! What Your Next Government Might Look Like

Published October 10, 2016

Choose Your Team! What Your Next Government Might Look Like
Andie Sophia Fontaine
Photo by
Art Bicnick

One of the questions we asked every party currently polling high enough to win seats in Parliament this election year who they could see themselves partnering with in a coalition. All of them answered, but some have a better shot at having a chance at forming a government than others. What are our options?


Coalition 1: Independence Party & Pirate Party
A.k.a. “Bitcoin Libertarian Shitstorm”
Why: They’ve been in the polls’ upper levels for months, though they are starting to tumble.
Why not: The Independence Party might not be commenting on any party, but the Pirates consider this possible set-up “highly unlikely”.
Estimated shelf life: As soon as anyone mentions the constitution.


Coalition 2: Pirates, Social Democrats & the Left-Greens
A.k.a. “Good Night Right Side”
Why: All of them show affinity for working together, would easily hold a majority.
Why not: Four years of endless conservative bragging transforms into four years of endless conservative whining. Plus people are allergic to three-party coalitions.
Estimated shelf life: One year, culminating in a massive conservative demonstration that ends badly; broken champagne bottles and lobster tails littering Austurvöllur. Or four years.


Coalition 3: Independence Party & Progressive Party
“Surprise Motherfuckers”
Why: Not like it’s never happened before.
Why not: Highly unlikely this time around to happen in most possible universes.
Estimated shelf life: Over before it began.


Coalition 4: Everybody
Why: It’s 63 people. I mean come on.
Why not: Likely to form bar room coalitions anyway.
Estimated shelf life: One parliamentary session, followed by everyone going home and never coming back.

Illustrations by Lóa Hjálmtýsdóttir

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