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Humans of Reykjavík: Aldís

Humans of Reykjavík: Aldís

Published March 4, 2016

Photos by
Art Bicnick

Every issue, we will interview someone living and working in Reykjavík, so as to share with you, dear reader, the trials and tribulations of daily life here in the capital.

This issue’s human: Aldís Sif Bjarnadóttir, cashier, 10/11 supermarket on Barónstígur

How long have you been working here?

About three years.

How many bottles of water do tourists buy here every day?

A tremendous amount.

Have you ever told them they don’t need to buy bottled water?


What do tourists usually buy?

It varies a lot. Water, Icelandic chocolate, liquorice as well. That’s very popular.

What’s the strangest thing you’ve experienced in dealing with tourists?

A lot of them will buy food from back home, and would rather make it themselves in their hotel rooms than go out and try the local food. I don’t understand that. It’s not something I’d do if I were traveling abroad.

Who are the best tourists?

Australians. They’re very polite. I mean, everyone’s polite, but the Australians especially so.

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