From Iceland — “A handful of men imposing their destructive dream...?”

“A handful of men imposing their destructive dream…?”

Published September 3, 2004

“A handful of men imposing their destructive dream…?”

I am guilty. That much is true. I work at Kárahnjúkar. I chose to come here. I didn´t have to. I volunteered to help build the dam so I suppose I am guilty, in my own small way, for whatever it brings. But does that make me a bad man?

I am proud of what I do. I mean I build things…in my own small way. At the end of each day I can show you what I have done. I have created something. A lot of people these days do fancy stuff, working in offices, being busy. I don´t know what they do, stuff to do with business or management or finance. But I know what I do. I can show you what I do. I build tunnels.

I can´t tell you if what I build is good or bad. I mean, this is not my country. They aren´t my hills that will be stranded as islands. It´s not my grass that will be drowned. All I know is that, so to speak, I put one stone on top of another. At the end of each day I have made a little tower of black stones. I have changed my environment…but hopefully there is some benefit for others. Do you know what those little towers of stones are for? You know, the ones you see on the hill. Are they there to mark out the way for travelers? A welcome beacon for someone lost in the fog? Or are they just some sort of monument? An edifice to some proud man; a man who wanted to make his mark on the world?

I am a man. I know what I want. I am tired. I want to sleep. It was a long day underground. I dream. I want to buy a house in the sun. I want to watch my children run laughing in the garden, while I sit at a table…maybe with an espresso in one of those fancy metal cups. Perhaps I will even have a new laptop on my table. I want all of that and I want the sky to be blue and the air to be clean. In other words I want a lake, to make clean electricity, to make shiny metal. Just like people before me here, like a traveler on the hill adding a stone to the cairn, like a sheep farmer adding another sod of turf to his house, I want to build a better future.

That is my destructive dream … but does that make me a bad man?

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