From Iceland — WIN! A 3-Day Dream Camper Van Trip In Iceland From Kúkú Campers

WIN! A 3-Day Dream Camper Van Trip In Iceland From Kúkú Campers

WIN! A 3-Day Dream Camper Van Trip In Iceland From Kúkú Campers

Hannah Jane Cohen

Published August 1, 2019

If you’ve ever been annoyed that hotels are stationary, then it’s time for you to grab a camper for your next trip to Iceland. A camper, for you newbies, is also known as an RV or campervan, and it’s one of the best ways to see the beauty of Iceland.

For those unfamiliar with the joys of driving and sleeping in the same place, today’s your lucky day, as the Grapevine has partnered up with Kúkú Campers to give you a three day camper trip in Iceland. That’s right, a contest! Who doesn’t love to win things?

With a camper, you’ll be able to travel unrestricted throughout Iceland. Looking to check out the Diamond Circle in the North? Skaftafell national park? The eastern fjords? With a camper, you can park at rural camping grounds and live in comfort near all these beautiful remote places.

Kuku Campers offers campers that sleep up to five people, but for this contest, you’ll be in the running to win three days with a two person camper, complete with a mattress that Kúkú claims was actually picked out by a physical trainer. Just kidding, that’d be ridiculous.

The Grapevine recently did a Highlands trip with a camper last year, and highly recommends it as an unparalleled way to see Iceland. Check out photos from our trip here. Note: If you want to go to the Highlands like we did, you’ve gotta do it in the summer.

To win the camper trip, simply comment on this Facebook post and we will randomly choose the winner. Trust us, it’ll be random. It’s not like we’d choose ourselves so that we could go on this amazing trip. That’d be awful and corrupt.

We’re kidding. So if you want to win, just comment on our Facebook post and hopefully you’ll be victorious! You’ve got until July 1st, 2020 to use your camper winnings, so best start planning your next trip to our beautiful country.

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